Friday, August 20, 2010

Macateeb - new blog in town

In my twisted logic, i concluded that the reasonable thing to do when you don't even have time to post to your blog (referring to dear old schizolax) is , well, start yet another blog . yeah i know i'm messed up ;).

so here it is folks , was born as a spin-off from schizolax .

Macateeb is a display of a rare collection of fictional letters sent by fictional characters (...or not) to other fictional characters (...or not) and returned to sender .
since it portrays a fictional dialog between 2 characters other than the author, it will have a wider approach on issues that schizolax was avoiding .

i'll be linking to posts of macateeb in here ... and to start , here's the first letter i found ;) :
From John Blat to John Bolt-OFF  #english #sarcastic #politics #leb

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  1. Hey!
    I tried checking out your other blog, but apparently one needs permission to see it?