Monday, September 27, 2010

تصريف الأفعال ، المنهج الحديث، ليحيا العلم

بما أن مدوّنة سكيزولاكس ايدها طايلة (بالعاميّة) ، أستطاعت الحصول حصريّا و قبل النشر على صفحة من كتاب قواعد اللغة العربية، المنهج والنهج الحديث الصادر عن دار الطرشة ، الذي طُوّر من أجل مواكبة العصر وتظهر الصفحة أدناه قائمة تصريف بضعة أفعال و أمثلة عنها ، ليحيا العلم  

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Finally ! i figured it out ! In Your face Einstein!

Eureka! I guess I figured it out, Oh yes I did… *does victory dance*

It has been tormenting me, all this conceptual change in time perception, throughout the years …
I knew it, I felt it, but had no reason or proof to build a case upon …

Time was slower as a Child, everything lasted longer, a year seemed to stretch forever …
If I tried back then to remember my last birthday, I would have scratched my head, asked questions, and invested huge efforts in it since it seemed very distant, and when referring to photos, I would barely recognize myself, noticing the change that happened to me, and change needs time, real slow meticulous time …But currently, I find it hard to believe that my last birthday was almost a year ago, I could swear it was a couple of months ago, I’m still the same , didn’t have the time to change … weird huh ?

I remember Christmas was a season, weeks and weeks of joy sprinkled all over the place,With more authentic vintage tones , from tree decoration to gift wraps .Even blinking lights blinked slower … Now, Christmas is a day , its lights blinking so fast that you almost don’t notice they do.

I remember that the little red riding hood used to walk distances and roamed forests to get to her grandmother’s house…now it seems to me like she’s living on the 4th floor , her granny on the 2nd and the big bad wolf is waiting for her on the 3rd floor's stair platform. What next? Will they all move in together ?

Even when I dreamt, it lasted longer. I used to go through detailed and fascinating scenarios and adventures that could inspire never-ending seasons of TV series.Now if I’m lucky enough to avoid the classical wake-up fall, my dream wouldn’t fit the time for the opening credits during the previously mentioned series.

I can even swear that Grendizer took a whole lot of time to defeat Vega’s monsters, but now when nostalgic and I replay it, it seems easier and faster, like he got the hang of it …although it’s the same episode.

Time is still slipping away faster than ever, and i'm not having some to do a thing, i sometimes wonder what boredom used to feel like, but somehow I’m satisfied simply because I get it now…
Not time as a concept, since it was and will remain my ultimate Arch nemesis till I run out of it , but time’s mathematical relation with age, events and our perception of it.


T= time
So here it is T=e/a
So by age “a” increasing in value , the Time length “T” of a certain event “e” will have a decreasing value and be shorter .

In your face Einstein! *still doing victory dance*