Sunday, March 22, 2009

Hasta la Vista ... Baby

when i heard its roaring i knew it was one of those vroom vroom "i'm a kitty that sounds like a tiger" i let him pass by and ... : wtf ? on ... steady ... HAHA took a shot ! all i thought about was thank God he didn't have to spell "Schwarzenegger"

Monday, March 9, 2009


it's rare but it happens ... to wake up and live a day where everything happens just "right" , each single thing takes place the way you imagine ...well today was one of those days :D

Thursday, March 5, 2009


Industrial Era : "Found to be sold" ... my personal "inked" point of view

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

José !

with everything going on currently i needed a pit stop, so yesterday i came back home and fell asleep at 6:30 pm, (woke up at 12 watched 2 episodes of "criminal minds" then fell back asleep).
I woke up early, very energetic, showered, prepared and enjoyed my breakfast and off i went to work, well not really, since my dear, beloved,unfaithful, piece of... car refused to start. I tried for 1 hour in vain. I didn't lose my good mood and my current "positive attitude" though so i called a taxi to get to work.
5 minutes and here he was, an old man , with "youssef 2lay2el's" head wear asking if i was the one who called.
I hopped in and i swear that even before i fastened my seat belt he started talking.
He asked for my name, age and destination...the answers to these three questions were the only thing i said the whole 45 minute trip cause he took over, i can literally write his detailed biography till march 03 2009.

Mr.Taxi: listen to me son, and learn from my mistakes, i 'm new to this thing, i used to be a car dealer, i lived in Europe and Latin America, but one son of a bitch that i trusted like my own brother stole everything while i was abroad, do u handle your own work or u have help? don't answer. if you have help they are screwing you u know what i tell my son ? he's almost your age . I tell him my story , it goes like this , i was born in 1952 .....

The voice in my head : Oh boy, is he serious?!

we went through his childhood, his parents, his teenage years, his girlfriends, his marriage, his kids (their respective lives), his sister's divorce, his career, the theft, the traveling, his night life while traveling : , his hobbies, his friends, his politic opinion, his day and after a painfully slow 45 minutes we got to the part where he asked if i was the one who called for a taxi .
As i was paying and unfastening the seat belt , he shouts to say ...

Mr.Taxi: If u need anything I'm José, do not hesitate !

The voice in my head: How the Hell am i going to find you ? should i google you or add you on facebook or something? no way José ... just let me be with my good mood !