Thursday, October 15, 2009

"Climate change" positive effects (lebanese version)

As a participant in the "Blog action day", i'm addressing my fellow Lebanese citizens...maybe through irony and sarcasm, they might get the message ...just maybe .

And i'm very sure that i'll be the only blogger today portraying the positive effects of climate change, thus the irony.

Climate change Effects :

1- in 2040 the death rate of "Rawche's" divers will drop to 0%

2- in 2060, No more spinning around to get to the statue...and a much wider parking space !

3- in 2050, Lebanese will be joining hands to vote for jeita's grotto as one of the underwater beauties (anything that unites us ...right ?!) !

4- in 2045, Lebanese Night Life will reach a new Peak...since day life will become unbearable !

5- in 2070, Lebanon will live in peace, well... mount Lebanon at least, since all the neighboring troublemakers will cease to exist

Et Voila !!!