Wednesday, September 23, 2009

asl plz

I had a conversation with an old friend who's now back in Lebanon after we lost contact when he immigrated to Canada.
We shared many years ago, during what i call "the post-school/pre-uni phase", the mIRC mania with everything on the side, since he owned a net cafe back then, and i used to hang out there till morning, beginning a new day with a freshly baked croissant au chocolat from the next door bakery ...:)

the nostalgia was triggered by a question "do you know what the hell happened to mr.lola ? " referring to that guy that was permanently high (on cough syrup), sitting 2 rows away, pretending he was "lola" luring horny "nicknames" to join his channel ...It was hilarious since he used to auto-dictate out loud whatever he's typing (solemnly with his right hand finger ), that uncoordinated , newly invented English, which btw helped him pass as a Russian "lola" :) :" heheheh, come i meet you, because channel very hot, waiting you..." (i dunno what shocks me more, his English or the fact that the spelling in blogger found nothing wrong about that quote :| )

Or this prank i pulled on that hyperactive guy, sitting right next to me ,who used to jump on his chair and do what seemed like a mating ritual dance each time someone answered his "hi"...i should have taken a photo of that moment when i told him that it was me joking around with him for a whole week , posing as a girl promising him a rendez-vous, so he had to shave and pour bottles of perfume everyday, hoping that this day he'll get an address :D ... priceless !!!

or that regular, that each time he skipped, we knew it will be for a whole week, since he used to "use" and get caught ....a lot!

or that huge guy, resembling "Newman" from "Seinfeld" who used to come daily, to his pre-reserved pc, no eye contact, no words, finishes pays and leaves ! for a while we thought he was a serial killer or something , but when , by mistake ;) someone checked the "keep log history",it showed that he was having cyber-sex from the net cafe ....with another guy :)

that girl that used to come over to check her mail with her fiancé, who was more of a bodyguard than a fiancé, and kept distributing threatening looks all around :)

i've seen it all, and i had my share of everything that comes with it ;)but that's for another post, another time (if the answer was "b" not "a" - refer to my previous post below). But i say i have seen it all , maybe cause i was an observer in a net cafe, maybe cause i saw both the real person and the nickname, sometimes it was funny, sometimes shocking.

funny as that unavoidable asl question and the false answers to each and every "a""s"and "l", or that someone who chats with BOTs :D , begging a channel Bot for a +, and it replies "I'm a Bot", and he answers "i'm not judging you, i just need a + " and it goes on and on ...:)then insults him and leaves the channel to try again the next day...discussions with an automated message...blind dates that went wrong :D, pranks , jokes, flooding channels ,or even stealing a channel's password ( Even though OPs of #liban didn't see the humor in it :P )

And yet not so funny, seeing all those people, trying to be someone else, in a parallel world,nerds trying to be playboys, underdogs trying to be powerful, even if just as a nickname, knowing people in higher places "ops", getting voiced + , or even founding their own channel so they can have their revenge by bullying people around, feeding their inferiority complex with that kick/ban weapon ...freaking out, if dallas' dalnet server crashes, like they were on life support machines and they were unplugged, realizing that they are back to the harsh reality of being themselves.

For me it was intense but very brief, knowing that i'm a narcissist, i discovered that i loved myself more than my nickname et voilà .

\quit #post

a or b

They say that in a near-death experience, you see your whole life events passing in a glimpse...i must be having that same experience but in slow motion, dying slowly, since most of my recent thoughts (as my recent posts show as my next post will) are flashbacks of my life, going through long forgotten layers of my memory, revisiting periods that i don't even recall's either that, or it's just the fact that i'm bumping lately to many friends of that early stage and we are getting nostalgic :).

I'm leaning towards the second option , cause i really have a lot to do, and i really need the time :)