Wednesday, April 13, 2011

ما عرفتن كبار

today is April 13th 2011 . on this day, 36 years ago, the Lebanese Civil War erupted and reshaped lives, cancelled others, morphed into many different forms, and i wonder if it really did end.
On this day, 1 year ago, for this occasion, i wrote the following (in lebanese ) but didn't post, a song that i don't intend to record but maybe play on  my guitar , alone,once a year till i figure out what really happened but then again maybe i'll never do. here are the Lyrics only, no tune for You ! #TuneNazi

آخر مرّة مرقت عبيتن
ما دقّيت
مطرح ما كن في باب
ما في باب

مراياتو تسألني عليهن
ما رديت
وخبيت وجي
تخبّي جواب

ودرجات مانسيت بعد
قعدتنا بالسهرات

وشباك الدرفاتو خضر
المنّو نتنئوز عالقمر
عاولاد بساحة يلعبوا
بصواتن الضحكات

وخزانة خشب ختيار
للوقت عم تنحني
مخبايي صبيان زغار
بصورة منّا ملوّني

بتعز عليي الدني
ما عرفتن كبار

البالساحة كانوا يلعبوا
عم يلعبوا و هنّي كبار
بصواتن فرخ حقد
العابن بتضوّي نار

ندهوا عليهن بلإسم
وخفيوون أسرار

آخر مرّة مرقت عبيتن
ما دقيت 
مطرح ما كان في باب
ما في باب

Monday, January 31, 2011

TAWARI2 - podcast episode 1 (pilot) from ENFISAM serie

After a relatively Long hibernation, i thought we raise the Bar a bit and offer something new,
and since ("The" Lebanese bloggers yourself a favor and bookmark it) presented a new feature of Duo blogging , Here we are riding this wave
with a twist , always with the same Sarcastic Schizolax spirit , but with an upgrade.

This will be our first podcast, in arabic (lebanese) , and it really wasn't easy to do (but REALLY FUN), since it is sort of a cross-continent work.
Part of it was recorded in the U.K out of a written script and the other part in Lebanon and the lines were later on merged together , no live interaction no rehearsals were done, no double takes or modification.
we wanted this "pilot" to be spontaneous and keep the fun spirit within .

this Podcast features :
Emilie Hasrouty (UK) of

…or save as (download link)

script / editing by Archangelus

Enjoy !