Monday, January 31, 2011

TAWARI2 - podcast episode 1 (pilot) from ENFISAM serie

After a relatively Long hibernation, i thought we raise the Bar a bit and offer something new,
and since ("The" Lebanese bloggers yourself a favor and bookmark it) presented a new feature of Duo blogging , Here we are riding this wave
with a twist , always with the same Sarcastic Schizolax spirit , but with an upgrade.

This will be our first podcast, in arabic (lebanese) , and it really wasn't easy to do (but REALLY FUN), since it is sort of a cross-continent work.
Part of it was recorded in the U.K out of a written script and the other part in Lebanon and the lines were later on merged together , no live interaction no rehearsals were done, no double takes or modification.
we wanted this "pilot" to be spontaneous and keep the fun spirit within .

this Podcast features :
Emilie Hasrouty (UK) of

…or save as (download link)

script / editing by Archangelus

Enjoy !

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