Thursday, August 20, 2009

How stupid was I ?

The above mentioned question or “statement” is one of the consequences of the “facebook” flu, More precisely the “school promo facebook flu” that can haunt you 11 years after your recovery from its last symptoms.

It’s amazing how many times this question pops into my head when I’m engaging in any of the group’s events or discussions!

-checking the tags of old photos , witnessing the hideous wardrobe of my childhood ,(thanks mom), btw mom, no boy , even a 7 year old, wears “collant” under his shorts for the “sports” class, even if it was cold , believe me I have checked all the classes’ photos , not only my class , no one, no one I tell u , wears that!! I browse and I browse asking myself ....How stupid was I??

- when leaving school I kept a specific image stored in my head of every single schoolmate, stamped by the attitude at the time of our last goodbye, and one decade later, in a reunion, I find myself impressed by the maturity and the amazing character of some that I didn’t even consider their friendship back then, and get astonished by the fact that some of the closest people to me during my childhood are still 12 year olds, still bullying the previously mentioned people, dying for attention, inviting you to join the parade! And I ask myself ….how stupid was I???

-and of course, many of the girls that I kind of dated at school wrote notes for, drew their portraits, made them compilation K7s (this alone deserves a “how stupid was I?”) played the whole teenage charade with, I watch them a decade later in disbelief (what was I thinking???) and in relief (thank god that’s over) and I ask myself …How stupid was I?

-On the other hand, that one girl , that I used to spot in the shades of the familiar trees in the playground, very different , very mysterious … I lacked of courage , didn’t let her know , days passed by , always spotting her among all the crowds , years passed by , still I spotted her , a decade later , in our reunion, among everyone, shining more than ever, I spotted her and I asked myself … How stupid was I ??????

-and above all, the flashbacks, the silliest details, the smallest jokes, the conversations with a friend, a friend that asked for my friendship at an age when we didn’t understand grown ups' words like “benefit’ and “interest”, a friend that now is gone, gone for good … a decade later I look back at these fragmented memories and notice that I took them for granted and ask myself … How stupid was I ?????????

At the end of this post , I think for a second and realize that I have just written a Post about a group on facebook and I ask myself : .........

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