Thursday, April 30, 2009

"puffies"...i guess :|

A couple of weeks ago, we had a nice gathering of friends, discussing everything, important and silly, passing time, till the moment I got up and grabbed a bag of potato chips and asked them if it reminded them of anything ? I bought these chips from a near by market, and they were exactly like the ones I used to get 20 years ago…the peanut flavor chips, curly shape , that used to come in small green plastic bags, with a spider like design on them …I guess they were called “puffies” if I’m not mistaken… Little did I know that these curly little ships would steer our conversation towards a 4 hour Nostalgia.

We all went back 10 year olds, you could see our eyes sparkle beginning each question with a “and do you remember …?

Do you remember the "footballers’ cards" hidden in potato bags that we used to collect in the 1990 world cup? Do you remember “Sassuki” , “ Jongar” , “ mala3ibou el sighar” , “ton amie liliane” , “remi” , “Clementine”, “candy” , “sanafer”, “he-man”, "bel wa sebastien",“khoumasi”, “jaziratou el kanz” , “sindibad”, "count duckula", "thunder cats", "hunter", "night rider","tom sawyer", "moonlighting", "al rajoul el 7adidi", "heidi", "alat el zaman"," zena w nahoul", "transformers" , …. And of course “Grendizer” ( btw I have all grendizer episodes and I still every now and then , have a “grendizer” day marathon , where I watch more than 12 episodes in a row , and where no one is allowed to disturb me , even if they did I can’t hear them , as I did 20 years ago :D ) , what about the “grendizer” magazines , or gum with a sticker inside , or figurines ? Do you remember the set of army figurines with all the equipments, green against gray … the matchbox cars? The wafer bars ? the atari games,river raid... then sega and its sonic ...

What’s amazing is that we lived all these moments in danger , mostly underground, with the dancing flame of a candle and the dim voice of a radio counting bombshells, w "bezr zghir" …but when we went back we couldn’t see but all the good things , the laughing , the playing , the Saturday morning cartoons …all the nice things a child keeps for an
occasional nostalgia later on .


  1. You brought me back a lot of memories :)
    In addition too all those you mentioned, I was too much attached to ninja turtles as well.

  2. Nice post :) I returned back to Lebanon in the 90s but we still had stickers and little photos hiding and waiting for us in crisp bags. I miss those days.

  3. and how do i get back to work now.... feels more like going to 3ammo marwan, and push my way through to buy man'ouche w bonjus haram...

  4. AAS ana bass I regret not being in that conversation ! this is an invitation to talk in spanish about stuff :P

  5. Rami :)... of course, same here! btw, Raphael rocks,i had the action figure and the weapons,and i like his sarcastic character, very similar to mine :p !

    Poshlemon...i miss those days too, i used to open bags for what's inside and let my little brother eat them ... he got so big i had to stop ! :D

    Joyce..plz baddeh 3azzbik we7deh jebneh w bonjus ma3ik, ma tezghareh, bta3erfeh 3a ayya ma23ad betle2ineh ;)

    Liliane :) i regret it 2, a lot ;)!!
    and about spanish...euuuhh, no hay problema, pero...what does it have to do with our subject ?? :) chou we7elik heik ? :|

  6. hace cada dia que pienso a hablar y a praticar el espanol, y tu es excellente en espanol, so... you came to my mind :D and tu eres un amigo muy viejo :P

  7. y me gusta mucho Jongar y Taboush w Loulou, y especialmente el cancion de Taboush y Loulou que nosotros cantamos en el escuela, recuerdas?

  8. bel ezen men el 7oudour el karim :)

    ¿Nosotros? amigos? Escuela? Ta7et el sefsafi ? :P no recuerdo

    Sabes muy bien que tus deseos son sagrados…
    También quiero practicarlo, hace un año que no lo he usado
    Siento que he olvidado todo :S... compré muchos libros pero nunca les abrí
    Si prefieres, podemos trasladarnos a un lugar más privado ;)

  9. now that's what I call a story...

  10. vale vale :P lo siento para responder un poco tarde, pero no tuve internet la semana pasada! stupido idm ! :P

    yalla hasta la vista baby