Monday, January 26, 2009

Connect via belly button...

Our life changed dramatically with all this technology.Whatever your believes are about creation and evolution,"a Darwin fan, a Mother Nature supporter, a biblical follower", disregarding the one responsible for the changes...changes happened, tails disappeared, organic functions have been modified to adapt to the new world, which brings me to my point...what about that belly button!

Our logic is mutating to adapt to our way of life, our leisure and our work. Typing, analyzing data, following pixels in an ocean of high resolution, cutting, pasting, resizing, cropping...I leave work and just see lines and dots everywhere. My logic is "screwed", I look ahead and estimate the distance to the next table, I see numbers, passing right there in my cappuccino foam.even while making love it's different...Insert, page down, page up, repeat last command, repeat last command, eject, it's safe to remove hardware ... sometimes after eject it's cancel, cannel , Escape :P but that's not our topic today.

Our mind is not the same, so why doesn't our body follow. I would really like to see that belly button replaced with an "UNDO" button ! wouldn't that be great! :D
You screwed up, for were watching a game your girlfriend rushes in and whimpers about feeling ugly and fat, and since your brain can't process two things at once during a game, you unconsciously told her that she's a bit on the chubby side lately...oh boy!!!! well why so sad?? u have that undo button don't ya ? see ?!?!
Or how about a "SAVE AS" button miss, don’t know which guy to date?? push that button save a copy of the gym-guy, and check that math teacher out...the possibilities are infinite !! infinite i tell you ! >:)

the only hanging issue is that of the "alt+ctrl+del" combination...when i figure that out , i'll get back to you ;)


  1. ahh see thats why its nice to have a secret identity! you can say fat and ugly girlfriend and she would never know! :P

    bass lei el undo badak t7ota 3al belly button?
    makes sense I guess, there is no other place for the undo

  2. don't judge me :P :D

    enno it's a button to start with . ba3dein it's not functional & disconnected so ...
    let there be "undo"

  3. Reading your post i strated thinking about that "undo" button and how my life would have changed if i actualy used it every time i felt i wanted to...

    and again, if these things in my life changed, if these events actualy changed, if i were ever able to erase these sadness... what would happen to me... what will happen to the person i am today? will i still be the same?

    of course i wont, these fights, these hard nights spent sleepless forged me... sculpted me and i wouldnt want any of them gone if this would change any detail of who i am

    so now, can i get my belly button back pls?

  4. look at the big picture ... use the saveas , to save a copy of the current u ...and let her be , then use the undo on ur other version ... u'll compare and choose ;)
    for better result ..7abten schizolax

  5. abel el akel aw ba3ed el akel... is it neverland already???????

  6. when needed ... wel 3awared el janibiyyeh are a positive thing of it ;)